Saturday, November 20, 2010

...yes, but isn't it beautiful

It all started last night with a few flakes. Notice the green grass.

We woke up today to find that the ground was no longer green.

Notice the banks of snow on our truck.

My husband shovels our driveway a.k.a. the downhill skating rink. Well, maybe it's not a skating rink yet, but it does have potential.

The sky is so beautiful.


Ms Kitty said...

Lovely to look at - we don't get snow until later in the year. I'm not fond of living that far north.

The Sweater Curse said...

I hear you. In fact, we moved from Manitoba to BC for preciously that reason. Despite these pictures Mayne Island has a temperate clime and it seldom does.
Thank you for stopping by Ms. Kitty