Saturday, October 23, 2010

The cream of the cream

In November 2005 I discovered blogging. My first blog was Designer's Note. At the time, I was a knitwear designer interested in blogging about knitting. Go figure, hey. Would have you guessed the two things go together? I know. Me neither.
Anyway, I just went and visited that blog. Some of the stuff left me red faced. I mean it was so bad. I gave myself a break. I mean I was new to blogging. Some of the stuff made me cry --not bad cry, good cry. If you're a woman you'll understand. Hey, I'm a modern chick. I'm sure there are some guys who may understand as well.
And so, after reading all these posts I had a thought. "Why don't I skim off the cream and re-blog it here during blog daily November." So that's the plan.
That's not all the fun I have in mind. Stay tuned for more news regarding that.
Oh, I can't wait. It's going to be so cool. : )

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